Is Atheism a water religion?

Scientists detects possible traces of water on a planet and then hours later we can read in the news “Life on that planet is possible!“.


But is a possible trace of water on a planet really a good sign for a life sustaining environment on a distant planet?

Let’s consider some of the requirements for a habitable planet:

Despite of that, life does not evolve out of dead matter. Evolution and atheism are a religion based on materialism. Denying facts and acting with arrogance is correlated with emotional immaturity. These people promote a idea which embeds already a failure. Their world view is of the lowest quality you can still find today in people minds. Well, you may find traces of intelligence, but this doesn’t mean that they are intelligent. Whenever they find a small trace of a possible source of water on a planet, even if the water is bound in form of rust in iron-hydroxy, they cry out that they have found the prove that on that planet life could be possible. That is a religion, not science.

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