Alberto Tedeschi – WHITE Holographic Bioresonance

On the coherent water’s edge (presented in 2014 Water Conference)

Alberto Tedeschi - WHITE Holographic Bioresonance, Italy

Water is the main component of living matter and is also the main responsible of its self-organizing capabilities. The interaction between water and bio-molecules changes in turn the internal structure of water, so that living water has different physical properties than normal water property of water, which could play a role in the ecosystem organisation. Vegetal leaves are triturated and suspended in water; the irritation produced by the cutting induces an intense electromagnetic activity that transforms the structure of water, giving rise to the imprinting of the particular biological process that has occurred, driven by the photosynthetic processes (WHITE Holographic Bioresonance Method). Signals emitted by the treated (super-coherent) water are detected and digitalized. These signals are then sources of possible various applications opening new perspectives into molecular biology research or into new advances in medical therapies. Treatment of various materials has been also investigated. The changed sound properties of musical instruments have been detected recording new resonant and vibrant musical output. These recent experimental findings have also been recognized by the last Emilio Del Giudice’s thinking: “the deep understanding of biological water will give us the instruments to transform materials and their vibrations. That will lead to Biological Music”.

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