Gregg Braden – The phantom experience Vladimir Poponin

The Phantom DNA phenomenon discovered by Dr. Vladimir Poponin and colleagues is similar to the discovery of Jacques Benveniste and later Luc Antoine Montagnier. DNA is able to imprint it’s signature in empty space, leaving a vacuum that continues to emit photons. With high tech equipment it is able to read this signature. In contrast what discovered Benveniste and Montagnier is even easier to reproduce, because you just need a PC with a soundcard and a amplifier. The implication although are profound. This phenomenon of the DNA, that it is able to imprint it’s signature to empty space or to bound it to water, is evidence of what the Bible says about the resurrection. It is indeed the scientific basis, that nature memorize important data that enables life and could be used to restore the dead human with all his thoughts, memories, characteristic traits and so on. Beside this it is also a hint to understand how DNA could be stabilized once the “field” sustains the regeneration of the body cells and acquire eternal life. Materialistic science can never accomplish that, because here it is implicated the consciousness, not just some modifiable DNA sequences or enzymes.

Other works and publications from Dr. Vladimir Poponin can be found on the Research Gate.

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