The Reproducibility of the Wolfgang Pauli Effect


How stable is our macroscopic world?

New world views emerges from the deep collective subconsciousness and appears here and there as theories like monistic idealism. Matter is based on mind and not the other way around. So we know today with 100% certainty that atomic processes are unstable if we direct our attention to them. Then it even depends on our intention on what kind of result we get. This was for example proven by Dean Radin and colleagues in experiments performed at the Princeton University. A true random number generator reacts on the intention of an “operator”, throwing out numbers which reveals negentropic patterns.

George de la Warr was a engineer who worked on the very controversial field of “radionics“. He created a camera which produced images by intention. Well, the camera worked almost only for him, or at least he needs to be present. But the photos was like a radiography, revealing very interesting details.

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This experiments cannot be reproduced with a digital camera. De la Warr used the classic silver plates in his radionic camera. Maybe his mind imprinted in some way the image on the silver emulsion. But for sure the water involved in the development process contributed to the strange phenomenon too.

So how stable is our macroscopic world?

It depends on so many factors. And I doubt that the limit is only the atomic level.

The Pauli effect

The Pauli effect is a term referring to the apparently mysterious, anecdotal failure of technical equipment in the presence of Austrian theoretical physicist Wolfgang Pauli. The term was coined using his name after numerous instances in which demonstrations involving equipment suffered technical problems only when he was present.

The Pauli effect is not to be related with the Pauli exclusion principle, which is a bona fide physical phenomenon named after Pauli. However the Pauli effect was humorously tagged as a second Pauli exclusion principle, according that a functioning device and Wolfgang Pauli may not occupy the same room. Pauli himself was convinced that the effect named after him was real. Pauli corresponded with Hans Bender and Carl Gustav Jung and saw the effect as an example of the concept of synchronicity.

Methods to reproduce the Pauli Effect

One method to reproduce the Pauli Effect is to create a device which is in a very unstable mode, like a true random number generator and to protocol with a software each deviation from normal randomness. A open minded person will produce exceptional patterns. Someone who has the habit to throw his own world view away in a regular manner, will produce hot patterns. A software programmed to track such anomalies will begin to ring the alarm bell and blink and so on. But a closed minded man, which denies any mind over matter phenomena, will have also a effect on the device: it will produce an absolute absence of anomalous patterns, which is indeed not normal, because every true random number generator should produce here and there some “patterns” which divert from “normal” 50:50 chance. Interesting fact is that this absence of anomalies is reflected also in the absence of ideas in this people. In homeopathy this is known for the remedy Alumina, which is known to produce a hyper-pathological skeptic type of mind set. Nihilism is the end-state of Alumina personalities.

Another method is to take a homeopathic remedy of the Lanthanides series. This elements produces a state of mind which triggers anomalous errors in electric devices. Maybe the true random number generator will even break down and stop to producing any numbers. It’s a interesting phenomenon known by many homeopaths who proved this remedies for themselves. Neodymium or Praseodymium can alter the consciousness in a manner which let break down electronic devices like computers or cell phones in proximity. The law of energy conservation is not broken by this phenomena, but it reveals that there was already a weakness in the device and it should have broken sometime in the future, but the probability when it happened was altered. This preserves the law of energy conservation in a elegant manner.

All kind of altered states of mind can trigger “strange phenomenas”. The quantum state is leveled up to a more macroscopic level. Don’t forget the fact the our mind alters biological process inside our brain cells, producing synchronic firing patterns of the neuron cells.

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