Consciousness transfers order into chaos

Chaotic Brain

How often has you heard “Clean up your room!” from your parents?

Consciousness is order and it transfers order to lower realms, like a room in which all toys and books and CDs are dispersed in a chaotic manner. It enables in our body a negentropic effect, pushing out entropy.


Our consciousness change the probability of neurons to fire at a certain point in time. By doing this it does not even break a “natural law“, like the law of energy conservation. It is information which changes. You know, we need in our brain thousands of neurons to fire synchronously in order to move our hand and fingers and to type the text on our keyboard. This does not happen by pure change. But neurons seems to fire out of the blue. Where is the trigger for doing this? It is obvious that external trigger, in the surrounding of a nerve cell, could supply a strong enough signal in order to stimulate that cell to fire. And yes, it happens all the time. This kind of random noise exist in our brain. But how small are the change that thousands of neurons fires synchronously repeating patterns? Materialistic science will not deliver you a satisfactory answer, because they regard the mind as just chemical byproduct of the brain chemistry.

If our consciousness is nonlocal, on the time line, then it will alter probabilities only where similar structures in space exist.

Mind / Brain interface

You know cymatics, the study of visible sound co vibration?

Cornstarch and water solution under the influence of sine wave vibration

Cornstarch and water solution under the influence of sine wave vibration

Similar to cymatics our DNA is a kind of visible key, like the SSL key used by a computer to transfer data in secure manner. Our consciousness tunes into our brain, because it’s structure represents a analogy of our mind. It’s not our brain that produce consciousness, but it’s the mind. Like a standing wave it forms a structure in space, a morphic field which “informs“.

From this point of view our mind has real power over matter. It can alter chaotic states in our brain and force them to take over ordered patterns.

There comes another question in our mind. If my mind is nonlocal, how is it that my mind does not influence the brains of other people?

Well, … it does, just a little bit, …

How strong the influence is, depends on the similarity. Twins will share more similarities than other people. Parents, especially mothers, feels if something happen to their children, even if they are miles away. This nonlocality phenomenon is very common. Most people who experience this kind of ESP don’t bother about the science. They just “know“.

People who are in love with each other will also experience strong ESP. They share “similar thought patterns“, or even better, they share “similar emotions“, which enables a better nonlocal connection.

Even if some information “leaks through“, most informations are filtered. The “security mechanism” behind this consists in great part in our DNA. It’s unique structure is a key between our mind and our brain. So it may be that 0,001% of our thoughts leaks into the collective field of consciousness, but the bigger part is private.

How to transfer order into electronics?

By observing nature we can copy it. Our neuron cells contains microtubules, which are in a very chaotic state. Indeed inside the microtubules dominates a quantum state. Our mind is able to alter the outcome of the “dice thrown” inside this structure. Interesting fact is, that the DNA is not around the microtubules, so the structure of the microtubules does not represent a similarity to our individual consciousness. Although the DNA is only in vicinity, it seems to enable the mind / brain interface to work.


Well, one thing which is commonly overseen is the role of water in cells. They form super-clusters under the influence of electromagnetic radiation. Our DNA in our cells influences the water and the water influences the microtubules. So water forms a bridge between our consciousness and our body.

Now what we need is to put a small system in a chaotic state. This can be achieved with a zener diode in a special circuit.


The output of the zener diode is amplified and the result is a “_white nois_e”.


Scientists at Princeton University analyzed this kind of true random numbers generated by white noise and they discovered that it contains a strong deviation from the so called “standard deviation“. The deviation from standard occurred especially if the “intent” of the observer was to push the outcome to one extreme.

Now here are some key factors:


Our consciousness has a natural tendency to order chaotic states. It indeed depends on chaotic states, for example quantum states in our neurons, in order to communicate information. We could call the “chaos” on microscopic scale a “listening mode” or a “uncertainty mode“, like a blank canvas waiting for color.

I’m sure that some people will contact me and ask me if this informations could be misused by someone with bad intentions. Well, yes, it is actually misused by a lot of people, including governments agencies and religious organizations like the Vatican. Just look at the architecture of the Vatican and their false religion. It impose on people a certain thought pattern, someone talking from high above to people staying in a round square, with a phallus symbol (the obelisk) and all the big columns. I will write more on the misuse in another post.

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