Is Atheism a religious cult?

Whenever you confront a atheist with the undeniable facts of science and they got into a dead-end with their argumentation, they tell you the truth:”I just want to do what I want to do! Everybody should decide for themselves what is right and what is wrong!“. I have heard this phrase very often now and it’s a typical reaction of most self proclaimed atheists. At least they admit, that they are wrong with their scientific-world-view and that they used it as a pretense for their personal point of view.

Is this a valid excuse for their actions?

(Roman 1:20-23)

Now regarding the statement “Everybody should decide for themselves what is right and what is wrong!“, is this not a egoistic point of view? Maybe a life without rules is possible for 100 years, but eternal life is impossible without eternal principles.

Atheists waste their time in search of excuses instead of a true search for the truth and they suffer a lack of energy because of their cognitive dissonance.

Who said that a axiom is fixed for all eternity? In science a axiom is replaced by another if it contradicts the experience and the experiments done. One axiom in the mainstream science is that life originated by pure chance, by a evolutionary process. With other simple words: Order out of chaos. When you confront a atheists with facts, they answer: “I have not seen that something got into existence out of nothing yet, but I’m sure this occurred in the past with the universe at the time of the Big Bang.” … They just don’t know.

An axiom or postulate is a premise or starting point of reasoning. It is not proven fact. But that something cannot derive from nothing is proven fact and therefore a truth. It’s absolutely illogical to claim that something like that is possible. Also the multi-universe hypothesis which claims that for every decision a copy of our universe is created is not logical. Energy does not double itself, does not copy itself.

Atheism is a religion, no doubt. They requires from their adepts to believe their dogma and never question their claims. So this is a huge war of false religion what is going on.

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