Kingdoms in Homeopathy

Physical reality is based on consciousness (Max Planck), the mind generates space and time as a tool for communication (Robert Lanza) and we just begin to think cosmically (Nikola Tesla).

Everything was created by God in a certain order. In the beginning (Time) heavens (space) and earth (matter) was created (Genesis 1:1). Then followed six days in which our planet was prepared for life through a process similar to terraforming. During this days the planet became more and more sustainable for humans. We depend on time, space, matter, elements, minerals, bacteria, plants, fungi, insects and animals. Without them we would not be able to live. Our consciousness too is in some way related to all this different “kingdoms“.

In homeopathy remedies are made of all this kingdoms.

Illness is a lack in awareness. Our subconscious tries his best to communicate with our consciousness and it fails because of certain blockages on different levels. But because communication is of vital importance, our subconscious tries other ways of communication by symbolic language. It could start with a sensation, a dream, but if this communication attempts fails our subconscious is forced to use our body. Then physical symptoms appears and they are not randomly. Each physical symptom is accompanied by sensations, certain thoughts, fears or desire. And if a therapist has long enough studied homeopathy and made a lot of experience, he or she will recognize patterns and order which belongs to the different kingdoms of elements, minerals, bacteria, plants, fungi, insects and animals. We are all interconnected.

Time and space

Time and space cannot be “potentized” or transformed into a homeopathic remedy. It is the framework of communication inside the physical realm.


Matter, Elements and Compounds

Here we can begin to start using the matter for creating homeopathic remedies which acts on certain levels of our consciousness. Pure elements, like hydrogen or helium, acts on the Ego. Sulfur for example has a big ego, he concentrates his energies on himself and his theories. Phosphor too has a “problem” with his ego, he cannot define his own ego and loose his boundaries.


Hydrogen is a dramatic example of the first element in the periodic table. Unable to fit into the world, feels isolated and alone, confused about his own identity.

Chemical compounds and minerals

When elements forms compounds they represent a certain order. Here the order and structure is more important. Natrium-muriaticum for example forms perfect cubes and their thoughts has also this kind of order. The fear to loose the order or structure is evident in this persons.


Bacteria and Viruses

Most people associate bacteria only with illness, but are unaware that we have them inside our intestine. Bacteria hits the collective. Miasma is the chronic disease of humankind. Each type of miasma has a different theme and people who suffers illness of a certain kind of miasma shows typical symptoms of this miasma. For example the sykotic miasma tends to exaggerate everything in order to compensate, the psoriatic miasma has the feeling of unworthiness and the syphilic miasma tends to destroy himself and others. These are naturally simplifications and there are a lot of literature which explains miasma theory in detail.


From Algae to Plants

Sensibility is the main theme of plants. Sure other remedies are sensible too, but all plants fits more into this topic. Algae depends on the water and has similar themes as the hydrogen element. Plants which gathers their energy directly from the sun shows more independence, but on contrary plants like Ignatia, which is a liana, are very dependent on other people and they suffer a shock after a divorce.



Some fungi has a vast network. Their themes are expansion, penetration and invasion. Observe how fungi expands into new territories.


One type of fungus, Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, even penetrate into the brain of a ant and force it like a zombie to climb on the highest plant it can find. Then the fungus kills the ant and breaks through the skull and builds a kind of antenna. From there it spreads it’s spores.

Zombie ant

Perhaps this fungus could provide a homeopathic remedy against propaganda infected people or people who have a desire to implant ideas in other peoples mind via subtle techniques like predictive programming.

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