Out of Body Experiences

Suddenly he was somewhere in the room looking back to his own body lying in the bed. He was floating around the room and everything seems so real, yes even more real as reality during the waking state.

This events are called “out of body experience” or OOBE. I remember I was fascinated about this in my childhood, because I got a lot of lucid dreams. Indeed lucid dreaming is a sign for a possible approaching out of body experience.

Reality is not perceived by our eyes or ears. It is a generated picture in our mind. What we see with our eyes needs to be interpreted by our brain and then our mind projects something similar to the “outer world“. When we dream the entire “reality” is generated from our memory and inner feelings.

The fact that we perceive us inside our body is because we receive a lot of information from it. We feel our heartbeat, breathing, the pressure or emptiness of our stomach and intestines, the pressure on our skin, the temperature, the contact with our environment, … and so on. This all forms the feeling that we are inside our body. In a sensory deprivation tank the feeling to “leave our body” occurs because of the lack of this informations.

An isolation tank is a lightless, soundproof tank inside which subjects float in salt water at skin temperature.

Homeopathy knows a certain state in which the body has a problem with the phosphor metabolism. This can be cured by giving a high potency of homeopathic Phosphorus. Interesting to note is that Phosphorus people (which are in similar state of this remedy picture) are very sympathetic towards others, to nature and they have a huge interest in spiritual topics. Sometimes they detach from their own body, they loose interest for the information which the body provides. This is one reason why they get frequent out of body experiences.

There are some more homeopathic remedies which can cure a state of detachment from the own body. But you may ask why should we “cure” people if they experience so exciting things like OOBE? Well, the reason is that they indeed suffer under their hyper sensibility. Most time they come to the homeopath with complaints like vomiting or stomach problems and sleeplessness, but they tell the doctor they have this frequent lucid dreams and sometime OOBEs. So the remedy cures them from their exaggerated sensibility. The result is then a better contact with the common reality and a better health.

You see even clairvoyance is listed in homeopathic repertories as a “pathological” symptom, because for now we have not the energy to cope with such things.

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