We will probably never be able to put a cat in a quantum superposition

Holding a object in two different quantum position in the same time (superposition) is easy for small particles, photons, electrons or even carbon or oxygen molecules. But a cat of 4 kg is a whole other world. Where is the limit between a particle and a cat?

A cat in a superposition?

Some scientist may believe that it depends on the mass. Other may believe it depends on the environment, for example in vicinity of a black whole bigger objects may get into a superposition. I think it may depend on how much consciousness is involved. Let me explain.

We are made of dust

Every element found in our body can be found also in simple dust. The difference between a accumulation of dust and a living organism is the absence of life force. When life force is present, structure is preserved. Without life force the simple accumulation of dust will be subject of entropic forces and finally spread all over the place. But a organism will always work against entropy as long life force is present.

Morphic Resonance

Now let’s take a step by step approach in understanding what is implied in all this. We have seen that structure is preserved by life force, an invisible force which permeates living organisms. Do you remember Rupert Sheldrake’s theory of Morphic Resonance (or morphic fields)? He discovered them probably by researching the form of embryos and he wondered if the DNA could really deliver the necessary information of the form. Also where is the information stored for the changes a organism makes when going through different stages. For example the pupal transformation into a butterfly through metamorphosis. All this seems very similar to the crystallization process, which starts spontaneously. And it seems that once a substance crystallize a kind of morphic field is created which enable everywhere in this universe to start the crystallization process easier.

Structure is all you need?

A thought is a structure too. We think that thoughts are so abstract, that they cannot be represented as geometrical structures, but we do this all time by writing our thoughts in a language, in symbols or patterns. Digitalization of information is structuralization … or crystallization?

Our DNA is a structure which contains words and phrases. They can be analyzed by the Zipf’s law, a linguistic method to prove if the accumulation of words are really a language. The 97% part of the DNA which was considered to be just “junk” finally revealed as a highly complex language.


On the one side we have structure and on the other side is spirit. This kind of duality was known by the Chinese traditional medicine. Yin is structure, Yang is full activity or spirit. We know it as electrogmagnetism, matter / energy, or quantum states and a few one know it as vector and scalar fields.

Structure is localized, spirit is nonlocal.

Structure has vectors, a direction and during the moment of observation it is static, without time. But time is able to destroy structure.

Spirit is inside the time, has no direction, no structure, but it can affect structure.

By observing spirit it crystallize, becomes structure and it gets into our 3D space. Without observation it remains inside time and is untouched by time, meaning it doesn’t decay over time.

This all is scalar wave theory and it has so much in common with quantum physics which was discovered a few decades later. A superposition is a potential state like energy in a scalar dimension. Both can be the same.

And there is more: David Bohm wrote about the implicit and explicit order, a theory which describes that one and the same phenomenon looks different in different context (for example different scales). The superposition of the particle is the nonlocal wave inside a scalar dimension. The particle is a wave of probability outside the context of observation, without a direct reference to a particular point in space. If the information of the vector is not necessary (for an observer) than it will not collapse as a particle and remain in a uncertain state with a certain potential aka probability.

Now you are confused, right?

We will probably never be able to put a cat in a quantum superposition

Regarding the cat, it would make no sense to put it into a uncertain condition, because life force would preserve it’s locality in space in order to maintain the function of the organism. Life force is consciousness. So consciousness would hold it in space and time, without letting it slipping into a uncertain scalar dimension. Maybe some molecules inside us will go on a far journey here and then, but the whole organism will remain stable for life preservation.

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