Eternal Life

No doubt, life is an artwork. But why do humans stop to admire it? It seems as at a certain point the cells in our body simply stop to regenerate themselves and then humans grow older and finally die. We have not enough time to admire all the artwork of creation and life itself. Why?

Well one thing is for sure, that we are out of sync with time. Our existence is temporary, like a lie which can persist only a short moment in time compared to the eternity. The reason why I choose to use the word “lie” instead of the word “illusion” is that a illusion can occur by our lack of knowledge and we will never have 100% of all knowledge, it’s impossible. But a lie is spoken intentionally to harm and to make sure someone will never gain enough knowledge in order to be able to dissolve all the illusions.

“The tragedy of old age is not that one is old,

but that one is young.”

Oscar Wilde

Scientists are hard at work to try to find genetic causes for death … and the very fact that they are in search for the causes is another proof that humans just do not desire to die. If you could ask someone to establish the exact point in time when they desire to stop breathing and stop to live, what would they answer? For sure nobody would like to die despite the poor people who suffers a lot under illness like deep depressions to get relief. Life is a perfect artwork, we can never get enough of it. But illness and suffering is a huge defect which makes life sometimes even a strain. From where does this defect come from and why are we not able to stay alive?

The Perfect Relationship

Do you wonder how our planet earth is able to stay in the orbit of the sun? It is possible because the earth stays in a perfect relationship to the sun, flying around the center in a very specific velocity, staying at a very specific distance. The earth obeys a physical law and as long it will obey to this law, the earth will get just enough light from the sun so that life will be possible. If this planet would move away from the sun or come closer just for 1%, life would stop on earth. Life depends on relationships.


Space for example is a relationship. Space is the boundless three-dimensional extent in which objects exist and events occur and have relative position and direction. Without any objects at all … if there would exist not even one proton in this universe, space would make no sense, and so it would not exist at all. The same thought can be applied to time. Time stays in relation to the events which occurs in a specific order, because time represent the separation of something what was once a singularity. Before the “Beginning” there was no time. Time came into existence by putting something into existence which is not eternal per se, but it seeks the wholeness or the unity for time indefinite, because it originated from this eternal source.

Humans was created by God, eternal and divine being. If a humans stays in a perfect relation to him, there is no reason why death should occur. Every cell in the body imitates the person as a whole. If the person has no desire for unity with his eternal father, how can then the cell itself desire to stay in unity with all other cells in the body? Disunity of the cells in a organism means illness and finally death. Without the harmonious collaboration of all biological cells in a body, the communication of information and all the necessary chemical compounds like water, carbohydrates, oxygen and so on, cannot be successfully accomplished. So there will be always a part of the body which suffers a lack of nutrient, and if only one part of the body lives in deficit of some nutrient, the whole body will suffer too. Are you aware that what happens in the microcosm of the body happens actually also to the macrocosm of the entire humanity?

“For example, the structure and behavior of a human cell is self-similar to the structure and behavior of a human, which in turn is self-similar to the structure and behavior of humanity.”

Bruce Lipton

It is said that 1% of humanity has more than the half of money of the entire earth. This relationship between poor and rich is too big. And it is said that time is money … again the relationship is not in balance. Few people earn millions each minute and most people not even a million in their entire life. How can the cells in our body continue to repair themselves, to regenerate for eternity, if the greater organisms (humans) are not living in harmony with each other? Eternal life will be only possible when not even one person suffers. When will this time be? When the things will be put in the right relationship!

Why Art matters?

A artwork reflects beauty when it is in harmony with it’s single components. The components can be colors, like in a painting, or sounds like in a musical work. A movie can be a artwork if all it’s components reflects beauty and are in harmony, but if the message is also inspiring it can make emotions arise, our heart beats faster, we breath faster. Indeed the word inspiration has a deep meaning for art and physics too. Electromagnetic fields flows through our body and they “inspire” us. Light is a form of electromagnetic radiation. Without light we would not be able to become inspired by a visual artwork. We need “inspiration” of all kind in order to fuel our desire to live. Without this fuel our cells inside us decide to stop to regenerate. We cannot hold life force back as some people claim that immortality could be achieved by special meditation techniques. This is not only ridiculous, but also makes no sense. Why should some people be able to achieve immortality and all other people continue to suffer? Perfect harmony is a state when all people forms together a unique artwork.

“A good piece of art work - whether it’s a painting hanging on a wall, or an enormous sculpture that transforms a public plaza - can excite, provoke, soothe, and inspire.

In fact, in a time of crisis, I believe that art matters more than ever.”

Mary Boone

All people on this planet has different characters. Some are very funny, very extroverted and able to entertain us. Some have a very deep connection to science and the nature, able to give us insight of how things in the creation works. Others are just good in cooking, making us enjoy the artwork of creation in very pleasurable way. And some people are able to express beauty in artworks, paintings, music or poetry. We are a family and a we should stay in a perfect relationship with all members. Everyone has a reason to stay alive and none of us should feel the other way. But why then do we die?

Each individual stays in a relation to all members of a community. Indeed humankind should form a united family, without boundaries like racism or the gap between poor and rich. Eternal life is not possible if only one individual suffers.

A defect in a artwork means that something hinders that the single components can stay in that perfect relation to each other. The artwork loose it’s perfection because someone has added or taken away something. So a lie for example can be this obstacle. We know from the Bible account that death was introduced to humanity by the lie of the original serpent. Humanity accepted this lie as their truth, like a human could accept a illusion as his reality. When the illusion is dissolved, what remains of the person who has based his faith on that illusion?

There is not only the relationship between the colors and the forms of a artwork. The artist matters too. A lot of people right now claims to be atheist with some proudness. To be independent of God is like you own a piece of art and be proud of it, but refuse to get the special honor to welcome in the artist if he knocks at your door. This means to stop admiring the artwork, because the artwork and the artist cannot be separated. Again the cells in our body decides to stop regenerating by imitating our behavior and way of thinking.

“We must never forget that art is not a form of propaganda; it is a form of truth.”

John F. Kennedy

When the things will be put in the right relationship

We can learn a lot from creation, by observing it and trying to imitate the beauty in our artworks. For example what makes a human look beautiful? There is a special proportion called the “divine proportion”, known as the “Golden ratio”.

A golden rectangle with longer side a and shorter side b, when placed adjacent to a square with sides of length a, will produce a similar golden rectangle with longer side a + b and shorter side a. This illustrates the relationship  \frac{a+b}{a} = \frac{a}{b} \equiv \varphi.

If the proportion of the distance of both eyes are approximately 1.618 to that of the length of the nose, and if the mouth has a similar proportion ratio to the nose and the eyes, then we regard this face as more beautiful as someone who has not this proportions. If the arms of a man would be longer than a certain proportion, he would look like a orangutan. We immediately perceive things not right if they has not this kind of relationship to the other things.


The ration of 1:1.6180339887498948482… (phi) applies to almost everything in nature. This ratio enables life. Indeed it forms a kind of implosion, putting things together, uniting them, compressing space (maybe even time) and cooling down. It has implications not only for art, but also for the free energy research. This is even more interesting, because if science and art find a way to express themselves in a combination of both, then we get closer to the divine nature of the creation. In this alchemy the nature of eternity is embedded.

Look at this wonderful formula for calculating phi 1.618 …

calculating phi

… it embeds eternity! This is how things should work. This has implications on how we will share the property, the land on which we will build our houses and where we will plant trees and vegetables in the New World. There will be not even one man who will own considerably more or less than the others (one reason why there will be no money at all in the New World). Justice is a relationship too. How we behave, think, act, has all a direct consequence on the live span. The golden ratio represents the relationship which enables life and God has implemented it throughout his whole creation. If this kind of relationship is disturbed by egoistic and materialistic people which claims arrogantly that this ratio is just a definition or that Truth is just one of the many definitions, then things fall apart and stop to work. We cannot show this kind of disrespect to what is of eternal nature.

In order to be able to live forever, life should not be hindered by any means through our actions. Everyone has the right to own a property, to work freely without restrictions by others, to form a family and without to have fear that a crime could harm them. Only when things are put in the right relationship life will reach it’s full potential. It is like someone decide to build a Joe Cell and if all parts are configured in the right way, the wonder begins, the engine starts running on this energy which does not pollute and never stops as long the right conditions exist. When will this happen? In a future post I will write more on this topic.

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