Morphic Fields and the Critical Mass

When a brand-new product is launched into the marketplace, most customers would not buy it if the product is unfamiliar in the functionality and usability to them. The product achieves success only after a critical mass of people became accustomed to it and spreading the word through mouth to mouth propaganda the product would finally become a “everyday product“.

A Coca-Cola advertisement from the 1890s.

Same things happens to ideas, methods, and so on, when they are brand-new it requires a minimum of time and people to achieve success. Else the idea or the product will remain in the underground of the collective consciousness.

Morphic fields are created (or generated) when someone has a thought. Repeating this thought the field becomes stronger and if many people has the same thought or a similar thought the field will be stabilized. The field can “survive” the “original thinker“. In the field of marketing there are quit a few people who knows this and they use (or misuse) the fact that it requires a “critical mass” of people in order to create such a stabilized morphic field. They give away the brand-new product for free to a small group of people until they become accustomed to it and only then they begin to sell it on the market. The product achieves that way higher success and more acceptance by the masses. Also ideas or concepts are told to a small group until they assimilated this idea and make it their own. The morphic field becomes stable and more people are able to assimilate the idea, even if beforehand the idea was against their principles.

“Seed group” is the morphic field marketing term for the group of people who are introduced to a new technology in order to achieve the required critical mass.

Sometimes a idea is embedded into a movie, shown in advanced for 2 or more years and then the political group is able to promote the idea or concept. Acceptance is higher after such a thought was injected into the minds of the masses. Even if someone has not watched the movie, the invisible morphic fields now strong and stabilized are able to influence their decisions and way of thinking. This happens only because people are not awake and not aware of the common field of consciousness humanity has.

In order to fight against this kind of infectious morphic fields, people with a certain level of awareness creates their own morphic fields promoting peace and serenity. This can be achieved by studying the Bible, the Word of God and by preaching the Good News of his Kingdom. It is known that a critical mass of people with a higher awareness in a city is able to lower the criminality and conflicts. But it is generally not known that there exist also invisible creatures in a invisible realm who supports this people. Read the Bible if you don’t believe me. There is also evidence that the presence of angels is able to alter physical reality and events. One can think that fighting this morphic field war is sometimes hopeless in front of the billions of people who do not care at all, … eventually we are only human beings, right? But the number of the angels of God is higher than the number of humans and demons all together. A fact one should remember.

Did you know that crossword puzzles from yesterday are easier to solve than the new ones today? If a critical mass of people has solved the puzzle, other people are able to solve it easier, because the mind of the individual person follow a certain path walked by other people. The Empire of the False Religion misuse this by introducing their agenda into the mind of millions of people and the entire world follows unaware this path. Even atheists are influenced by their morphic fields, … or do they really think they are immune?!

A thought can be implanted into the collective mind if a strong morphic field was generated a certain time ago. It will influence their way of thinking and acting if a critical mass of people just accept the field without being skeptic or questioning the real motives.

In the year 1999 many movies embedded symbolism of towers which collapsed or get destroyed by aliens. Two years later a inside job of the government killed thousands of innocent people and most people was unaware that such a thing could never happen by a airplane collision. People who watch a lot of TV are accustomed to the scenery when a car touches slightly another car and it explodes like it has contained a ton of explosives. This sleeping people loves that kind of movie and when a similar thing happens in the real world they just believe it without questioning that two airplanes are not able to destroy completely three towers.

I could mention a lot of things which are good examples for morphic field manipulations, but the most interesting event is not happened yet. In many movies the symbolism of the imminent destruction of the False Religion is embedded . If one knows what the Bible has foretold in Revelation 17 and 18 about the destruction of the Empire of False Religion, then one is able to recognize the symbolism. Such symbolism cannot be found in movies with a small budget and it cannot be explained by archetypes. These symbolism are embedded intentionally into the movies to lower the collective resistance. Finally most people will just accept the destruction of the major big religious organizations, because they has given their consensus beforehand by watching the movies and applauding to the hero who judged the “bad woman“.

After considering all the misuse of morphic fields, we should not forget that morphic fields exists in order to enable life. It is interesting to know that even if a morphic field was stabilized by billions of people, it will not survive the flow of time if it is not based on truth. All the illusions will pass away.

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