Electric Wind

The average annual wind speed on Earth is approximately 56 kilometers per hour, on other planets like Neptun it is 1138 kilometers per hour.

It is commonly believed that weather is driven on Earth primarily by the Sun’s thermal influence on the atmosphere. When any particular region heats up, the air expands and loses density, creating a relative low pressure area. Cooler air, being denser, will naturally flow into the bottom of the warm, low pressure region, causing an upwardly rotating convection cell to form.

Most weather systems on Earth are thought to be based on that simple kinetic explanation: winds blow when the cooler, denser air flows into the warmer, buoyant air.

The kinetic model of weather does not take into account the fact that planets much farther out in the Solar System have sustained winds that make those on our planet seem like gentle breezes. The average wind speeds on the gas giant planets are fantastic, despite their atmosphere are not affected from the sun’s thermal energy as the earth, having cold atmospheres like Neptun, that measures minus 220 degrees Celsius!

Source: thunderbolts.info - Electric Wind


The phenomenon of the electric wind

The phenomenon of the electric wind was first observed in the Electrostatic Experiments in the years 1600 long before the nature of electricity was understood and among a lot of new and impressive phenomena (Attraction, Repulsion, Sparks, Luminescence…). Four century later, the Electric Wind remains a sort of laboratory curiosity, which has lost a great part of its mystery but for complex reasons is still unexplored.

Electric Wind

The Electric Wind is in fact a movement of the neutral fluid induced in the bulk of the fluid by electrical forces. To obtain such an effect it is necessary to obtain at least one area were there is a dissymmetry between positive and negative forces i.e. a region outside from electric neutrality. This is not the case in hot plasmas or even in the cold plasma of a glow discharge.

Source: Electrified Fluid Mechanics - History and basis


The electric wind phenomenon is worth further studies, because it is still today a nearly virgin territory. Why is such interesting stuff not presented in school? If you are a teacher and you love teaching, take the time to show your students how interesting the universe is. To perform a experiment that demonstrates that most of the wind on earth is not produced by the solar heat, but of the electric forces, will for sure catapult an entire generation into a new paradigm. If you are a science “nerd” (you are not alone) why do you not make a video and post it on Youtube?

Consider also that mechanical effects are created when electric forces are applied to fluids. Did you know that you’re body is like a battery? (If you have seen the Matrix Trilogy you know already!)

If you are a biologist or a doctor, perhaps you has wondered how it is possible that the minerals are hold in a harmonic dispersion in the whole body. Well then consider the fact, that our body is a electric machine, that disperse the fluid throughout the body also with the help of electric forces. For example our bones generates Piezoelectricity.

So why are you still reading my posts? Go and make some experiments and upload your results on the web!

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