Healing of the Collective Consciousness Field of Mankind

The formation of a real community

The formation of a group is not automatic at humans. Spontaneous targeting - e.g. when finding the proper members of a group to form - seems to be sporadic. The ‘group’ as a higher level entity is the envelop which keeps together the individuals. Until this envelope is not formed, one can find the peoples to be an aggregate and not in a group. But what is the nature of this ‘envelop’? As Didier Anzieu expresses, the most important factors are the network of implicit and explicit rules, the established habits, the rites, the facts and actions with accepted values, which contribute to the formation of an inner space and a proper timeliness (Anzieu, 1984). I have to add as a substantial characteristic of any group a similar sensitivity, sharing some basic elevating or interest-expressing ideas, conceptions and motives to act, and propensity to similar emotional states and emotional drives. Being in a faceless mass, in an atomised society, in the absence of communities, without emotions to be shared, sooner or later will generate stress, anxiousness and tension, deforming the natural states of consciousness, degenerating our mind, which may enhance aggression and destruction. The formation of a real community, giving the frame to a meaningful life, is the task of the present societies.

Natural states of Consciousness Fields

To do this, it would be helpful to explore the physical conditions and physical forms of consciousness, and determine the proper conditions of the natural states of consciousness fields, therefore being able to create physical conditions which may generate favourable conditions to regain our physical and mental health. Learning that consciousness is basically an EM field (which is resonantly coupled to the vacuum field), and its sources are the cosmic systems of Sun, Earth and the Moon (Grandpierre, 1996d), together with the natural sources of the biosphere, especially the natural fields into which we can tune most easily, the physical field emitted by the human organisms, we may be able to measure and broadcast wave fields which heal the stress, intensify, galvanise, correcting the distortions of the natural fields, like stress and alienation, and then to broadcast fields which induce in us urge to participate in the collective forms of consciousness. Measuring the healing spectra of special sites like water-springs, nascent forests, solar and lunar oscillations of the earthly magnetosphere, we may be able to sample them and re-radiate them in forms of Schumann-waves.

Transpersonal Connections

Searching the conditions of the tuning of the individuals to the natural healing EM fields has the same importance as the possible explorations of changes in our EM environment, which do have a healing effect. Psychological research shows that the efficiency of tuning in between different people is determined largely by emotional connections, i.e. transpersonal connections are the most effective between lovers, parents and children, friends tuned to each other. This result suggests that mankind may heal itself if we are able to tune us more effectively to the natural sources of consciousness, to the natural powers living in us, revealing the natural beings behind the manipulated masks which are developed by an unnatural society’s norms, and when our emotional bounds are strengthened towards the wider ranges of our personal existence, towards Nature and the Universe.

Telepathic Theatre

It is suggested that new types of mental techniques may be developed to explore the subjective effects of mental intensification (Grandpierre, 1995c). If Vekerdy (1974) is right and the cathartic effect of the theatre is based on the extrasensory transference of the emotions generated in the actors, we can imagine a theatre in which everybody participates simultaneously. The idea of the ‘telepathic theatre’ suggests a play in total darkness and silence. The actors play the real drama on stage, intensifying their emotions and consciousness, and the participants are measured simultaneously through EM detectors positioned in the performance hall. The facilitation effect of the large number of harmoniously tuned participants could be detected directly.

A New Form of Art

Moreover, in recognising the hidden social drives of human beings, we could mobilise these immense inner natural forces, and as a new form of art, we may invent socio-mental group therapy, when people meet and form a community to inspire each other not with de-intensifying meditation, but strengthening the opposite tendency, the vitality, flexibility, mental intensity and freshness. Certainly, the whole society could got a vital lightning by becoming aware of its real, socio-natural-cosmical nature.

Nature and the Universe

Neural mind is connected to executive functions of bodily changes, an already fixed form of the mental processes. Consciousness, as understood by mainstream science, is an extremely small part of this executive neural mind. Our calculations and arguments strongly suggest, that consciousness may be and, by nature, has to be of a much wider range. Beside the quantitative intensification of the neural mind, we can develop and improve the quality of our brains’ activity, spontaneity, tuning in to the much faster and subtler electronic, EM and quantum-vacuum minds. Consciousness may regain its natural functions only when finding a partnership with his parental, subtler minds, with human communities, with Nature and the Universe.

Source: The Physics of Collective Consciousness, by Attila Grandpierre