Reality is created in a Consensus Agreement of all Participants

The idealistic worldview considers consciousness as the base of the reality, which generates dynamically space and time in order to communicate. It is not consciousness what represents an epiphenomena of the brain chemistry, but instead the apparent locality of “objects” or objective reality is the phenomenon which is the real mystery. Quantum mechanics has discovered that every particle is everywhere (nonlocal) in the universe at the same time, as long it is not observed by a conscious being. The act of observation collapses the wave to a particle or the wave remains a wave if the necessary information lacks. So locality is a information, nothing else …?

If Idealism is true, if the primacy of consciousness is true, then why are objects so real? Why does this reality act so stable and not fuzzy like a dream?

The solution lies in the fact that our reality is created in a consensus agreement of all participants. Every observer views reality from a slightly different angle and this contributes to the stability of our reality. Like biodiversity enables a well working ecosystem, so the different observers provides a stabilized framework.

To whom belongs this dream?

On the level of individual created reality, inside our dreams, there is no other observer except the dreamer himself. Therefore this kind of reality is fuzzy, always changing, not stable. But the reality of the wake state, what we know as “physical reality“, is the stabilized reality created together by the collective consciousness.

Can you imagine what would happen if we would agree on a different kind of physical law, all together, everybody in one consensus reality? Would this law begin to exercise power over every individual? From the point of view of biocentrism, idealism and the theory of morphic fields, such a scenario is not just fantasy.

When things went wrong

Creating a reality in a consensus reality has a huge problem: when the majority of the participants has the wrong worldview, reality becomes a trap and not a place where life is beautiful. Long time ago the first human pair decided to make their own thing, rebelling against God. The result was catastrophically for every human. Fortunately every reality which is created based on lies and illusion has a short shelf life (compared to the eternity) and it will perish sooner or later. Every reality has the tendency to decompose, with exception of the one reality which is based on the eternal truth (not affected by entropy). We are approaching now with quick pace the end of the evaluation period of this old system.

… in the context of eternity whatever is imperfect is considered inexistent or corrupt, not worthy to continue to exist forever …

This reality, created in a consensus of people which do not love the truth and questions heavens authority, will fade away and make place for a new reality, a kingdom ruled by God. Can you now imagine what this means? Some physical laws will be altered and eternal life will be possible again. Being thankful means to be completely aware of the truth.

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