Collective EM field of the Biosphere

The EM field, as a part of the consciousness field, is shown to be able to directly trigger electric activity in the neuronal cells. On the other hand, the EM field emitted by the brain’s activity is a measurable field. This result makes available a physical means for measuring consciousness field from point-to-point, for measuring the guidance of the consciousness field (or psi-field) between two people.


Human brain works with a power of 20 Watts

We know that large amount of this power becomes waste heat and cools the brain. Nevertheless, all the energy produced by the organism in the course of metabolism goes through a significant step, the free energy, which is in direct relevance to EM energy. Since all the energy of metabolism goes through the EM phase, all the energy has to be present simultaneously in the EM field energy, a significant part of which leaves the body. We may think that if later on this EM energy is transformed into other forms of energy by mechanical work or heat, this is irrelevant in our estimation of the environmental EM field of the organism. Nevertheless, this view is not correct, if, as we have shown, all the EM energy of the organism is simultaneously present in the environment.


Mankind’s brain activity involves a work of 1011 Watts, comparable to the electromagnetic power entering the earthly magnetosphere from the solar wind. The biomass of the Earth is a substantial factor of the source of the EM fields at the surface of the Earth. Scott (1962) measured the electric field of a bean root in the surrounding solution of the root. The measured total power dissipated electrically to the environment by the root is 10-9 W. Remarkably, the electric field shows a spontaneous and truly endogenous rhythm with a 5-minute period which coincides with the periods of the acoustic modes of the Sun. It is interesting to note here the remark of Cox and Giuli (1968) on the close value of the specific energy production rate of the solar core and of the specific energy liberation rate of the human metabolism, both of which are around 100 ergs/g/s. The so-called dry-matter content of the biomass is 846 g/m2, i.e. 4.3 1017 g, which, taking a factor of ten for the water content, would give a value of 1014 W (as we know that 80% of the mass of the living matter is water). The plants of the biosphere transform half of the energy of the incoming solar radiation to its plant matter, i.e. 1.72 1017W. One percent of this energy is transformed to energy contained in form of food. The original living form of solar energy as it was firstly bound in plants when reaching the food-eater predators, suffers a ten-thousandfold loss, to 1013 W (after Odum, 1971). The produced biological free energy, as calculated from the dry-matter content, is 20 810 Kcal/m2/year of the plants, 3 368 Kcal/m2/year of the herbivorous animals, and 21 Kcal/m2/year of the large predators (Fábián et al., 1975). These numbers give a biological energy of the plants around 1.43 1015W. If only ten-thousand part of this biological free energy was expressively radiated out to the environment, this value still would be significant enough to be comparable to the geophysical factors. We have to realise, that plants, and EM fields of animal and human origin may be a substantial part of our EM environment. The EM field of human origin is of a smaller amplitude, but this relative difference may be balanced by the relative ease with which we can tune to human frequencies. If we are able to tune ourselves to the plants’ field, we can feel their overwhelming, galvanising EM fields.

Source: The Physics of Collective Consciousness, by Attila Grandpierre

Note: Grandpierre is doing a great job in exploring the electromagnetic relation to the consciousness field. You should take the time to read his document (link is above). I regard his work as groundbreaking and it gives many insights into the nature of consciousness. Also his work delivers more evidence for the “Electric Universe Theory“, a theory which is ignored by the materialistic thinking mainstream, but providing deeper insights how nature works by proving the real superior role of electromagnetic forces.

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