Mysterious Nodding Disease Cure?

Homeopath identifies what he believes is the cause and cure of a mysterious disease afflicting thousands of children in central Africa.


The symptoms of nodding disease are very peculiar. When children are affected by it, their growth is stunted completely and permanently. The growth of the brain is also stunted, leading to mental retardation of the affected individual. The disease is named nodding syndrome due to the characteristic, pathological nodding seizure. The seizure often begins when the children begin to eat, or sometimes when they feel cold. These seizures are brief and halt after the children stop eating or when they feel warm again. These seizures can manifest themselves with a wide degree of severity. Neurotoxicologist Peter Spencer, who has investigated the disease has stated that upon presentation with food, “one or two children will start nodding very rapidly in a continuous, pendulous nod. The child next door will suddenly go into a Tonic–clonic seizure, others will freeze.” Severe seizures can cause the child to collapse, leading to further injury. Sub-clinical seizures have been identified in electroencephalograms, and MRI scans have shown brain atrophy and damage to the hippocampus and glia cells.

A curious feature is that no seizures occur when victims are given an unfamiliar food, for example a candy bar.