Physical Conditions of Consciousness

The physical means of information exchange between an organism and its environment is determined by the physical conditions, the size of the organism, and the biological time-scales. The regulation of the reactions with biological functions require processes faster and subtler than the reactions themselves. Acoustic waves propagate with a velocity of v = 1.4 km/s in the human body. Taking a characteristic size of the human body l = 2 metres, we can calculate a value for the characteristic acoustic frequency of the human body:

fac,human body = v/l = 103 Hz,

therefore the characteristic time scale of these acoustic waves is

tac, human body = 10-3 s.

Using electromagnetic waves, the human organism has another characteristic frequency and time-scale, with l = 2m,

fEM,human body = 108 Hz = 100 MHz,

tEM, human body = 10 -8 s.

Larger frequencies belong to smaller wavelengths, therefore to inner signs, smaller frequencies mediate information from the environment. EM waves originate from the body, as well. Brains emit EEG waves between 1-40 Hz, in the range of the EM waves of the Earth, the Schumann waves (Schumann and König, 1954). The frequencies of the Earth’s EM waves can be calculated using L = 40 000 km, as

fEM, Earth = 300 000km/s /40 000 km = 7.5 Hz.

The researches of Ludwig (1984) showed that Schumann waves are necessary as biotropic stimuli for the living organisms. Tsuvayev (see Merkulov, 1978) showed that the growth and development of mushrooms and water-plants ceases when isolated from environmental magnetic field. It is interesting that the acoustic resonant frequency of the human body falls into the range of 7-8 Hz. The human body is extremely sensitive to signs at this acoustic frequency. Noises with this frequency, if they are intense enough, may sensitively alter bodily functions. It seems to be strange that the resonant frequency is not the one determined on the basis of purely acoustic conditions. The coincidence of the acoustic resonant frequency with the EM frequency of the Earth and the EEG alpha-waves may suggest the close resonant coupling of these fields of different nature. It is another interesting coincidence, that the surface of the Earth also appears to have mechanical (acoustic) vibrations within the 10 Hz bands.

the source of the brain’s activity may be triggered from outside the body

Schumann waves penetrate through the body to approx. 94 %, and are absorbed in approx. 6% at the specific frequencies the organism can resonate (Ludwig, 1984). It means that the source of the brain’s activity may be triggered from outside the body. One part of the EM spectrum (f <100 MHz) is the outer, natural and cosmic source of our consciousness, the other part, with f >100 MHz, is the inner source of our consciousness. Regarding the fact that the smaller frequencies, i.e. larger wavelengths are related to EM quanta of smaller, subtler energies, we obtain a result that the more subtle levels of the organisms’ regulation belong to a hierarchy of global consciousness, to natural and cosmic sources of consciousness. In this context, it is interesting that the frequencies and time-development of the Schumann and EEG waves are similar (König, Angermüller, 1960).

the smaller frequencies, i.e. larger wavelengths … belong to a hierarchy of global consciousness

The more subtle level behind the EM one is the level of quantum-vacuum interactions (QVI). Laszlo (1995) proposed that QVI may offer the solutions for the present problems of cosmology, biology, psychology and parapsychology. I worked out a quantitative model which shows the relationship between the different levels of our environment and the progressively deeper mental levels existing within us (Grandpierre, 1995a, b).

It is pointed out that the deeper mental levels (Grandpierre, 1995a), on which the ‘aware consciousness’ builds up, have larger capacity, are faster, therefore they require more subtle material carriers beyond the molecular and neural units, reaching the quantum range. Assuming a finite energy exchange between the vacuum field and the brain within the bounds of the uncertainty principle, a relation is found between the physical size of the brain and its relevant time scales. Using the time scales for information processing within the brain as a whole and within its cells, the characteristic frequencies of the electromagnetic and vacuum waves are obtained in the visible and the ultraviolet spectral ranges. It is pointed out that the formula derived for the couplings between the different mind levels gives values for the frequencies between the Universe and Man which are physically possible and actually plausible.