Free Thinking and Forbidden Books

It’s like butter and bread, like sun and moon, … free thinking and forbidden books are a marriage which incorporate a revolution in the mind, which affects the heart and then it generates a force able to change a whole society, a world, a system. For long time the church was opposed to the translation of the Holy Bible into a modern language understandable for the common folk. They feared so much that someone could “illegally” translate it that they put the act of translation as an act of heresy, with the consequence that whoever tried to translate the Holy Bible risked is own life. Free thinking is something promoted by the teaching of the Bible … I know it sounds strange, but indeed the Bible is the main book for learning how to think free and how to use the own brain instead to accept dogmatism enslavement. For this very reason the church feared and still fears that people open their mind to the truth and reject their system of false religion and illusions.

Likewise there exist other books which are or was banned for political or other reasons. One of them is “Animal Farm” written by George Orwell, banned in the U.S.S.R, Kenya and in the United Arab Emirates, because it criticizes corrupt leaders.

Some other books are not banned directly, but the opposing force derives from some so called “authorities” in science, which calls books or ideas even today in our modern world a “heresy“. Than this books are indeed worth to be read. The books of Dean Radin and Rupert Sheldrake triggered a earthquake inside the scientific community.

Remember this fact: nothing stable and true can be affected by earthquakes. Only illusions are affected by the strong vibration emitted by free thinking minds.