Consciousness involves a different kind of causation

Like many phenomenons in quantum mechanics scientists today know, also consciousness is not limited by time and space. The formation of the cause involves a kind of retrocausality. Consciousness is able to project into the past and set the cause backwards in time, even before this person came into existence. Indeed the consciousness now meets the consciousness of the past, and then both creates reality. So there is a limit. The limit is not time nor space, but it’s the consciousness from the past that contributes 50% to the formation of the cause for the actual observer. Indeed this is very logic.

Habits and Memory is from the Past

So the formation of reality (let it call “cause” if you like it more in the classical scientific way) is formed by the consciousness in the past and from the consciousness of the present. Both could be the same person. Rupert Sheldrake explains it in similar way: The consciousness from the future (from all kind of possible futures) meets the consciousness from the past. The point where they meet is the present, the point where the wave function collapse.

I personally think that in this insight lies a key for further understanding how eternal life could be possible. Humanity should be able to fulfill certain requirements at the present in order to create a perpetual reality (fractal reality, including self-similar thoughts and altruistic actions) in the future, together with the collective consciousness from the future. This kind of worldview is still in it’s “initial stage“, but perhaps there is a book which explains exactly the requirements for creating such a “standing wave“.