Consciousness is order and the source of energy

Max Planck said, that one cannot get behind consciousness. The idea is that consciousness is absolutely fundamental for everything, even energy. If we think of consciousness and what we perceive, most of what we see or recognize is order, structure and form. The whole universe is a communication platform in which we are able to receive this informations and to send them. And energy is nothing else than order.

It’s not so hard to understand at all. What hinders our acquisition of knowledge are the many prejudices implanted in us by the materialistic society. But if we try to get behind this veil, we will understand that life is all about communication (the desire to be united, Love, to communicate with God and all other lifeforms). Then we can understand easily that energy is also a order that has it’s purpose in enabling communication. All other things in the study of (alternative) science are indeed based on the very fact that consciousness is fundamental for space, time, energy and order … and that the universe and all it’s entities exist for enabling communication … serving as a framework for communication.

Energy is order

Let’s take a look at this graphic. It is called the “standard deviation from the mean”. The curve represents the probability dispersion of energy or particles in a certain environment.

standard deviation from the mean

The “Bean Machine” demonstrates the normal distribution of the particles or metal-balls. They form all times a “normal distribution curve” which looks like the first graphic “standard deviation from the mean”.

What would you instead expect if the machine would produce a result, where all the balls would align on one extreme?

The deviation from the normal distribution probability is considered a anomaly and a evidence for a negentropic force. With other words someone consciously changed the environment enhancing it’s order, reducing entropy or chaos. All life forms actually are doing this in order to be able to live. If the atoms of a body would spread all over the universe, how could then this life form continue to live? It is necessary that the parts which belongs together also remains together. This information bits which forms as an whole a meaning cannot be put apart, because they would loose their meaning. Again, it is all about communication. Life is communication.