What is Alternative Science?

Every 3 or 4 years I get the urgent need to delete all the posts of my blogs and start over again. Why? Because something changed inside me, I got a new paradigm, acquired a new worldview. When this happens I cannot continue to write my posts on the base of the old ones. Therefore I have deleted them all and I desire to write new articles with a more holistic approach than before.


Let me first clarify what “Alternative Science” means to me:

People do a lot of things for money and personal power. This whole system in which we live is based on materialism and this has a profound effect on the worldview. Scientists cannot express their ideas if they are not based on materialism, they cannot get money for research if they presents their scientific research proposal based on something else than materialism. So “Alternative Science” is that kind of science which is not based on materialism, but on idealism, on the idea that consciousness is the base of everything and not matter. This time I have enabled the comment function in this blog. Please feel free to register and write your comments. Naturally I will moderate all comments first, because some pseudoskeptics will react allergic on the “idealistic content”. Please pseudoskeptics, stay away, we don’t need you!